Acores August/2015

I just came back from photoworkshop with Kurt Amsler on the Acores. Diving around Faial at famous dive sites like Princess Alice Bank and Condor Bank.

Our group of around 10 people had a lot of fun. Tips and tricks beside flashing and photographic topics were explained in detail by Kurt Amsler in evening meetings. During the day we went diving at inshore and offshore spots.

Unfortunately the weather could have been better to realize more trips to offshore dive sites.

The amount of bluesharks has decreased rapidly during the last years due to fishing and shark-finning. If finning/fishing is going on that way no more bluesharks will be spotted around the Acores in a couple of years. Finning needs to be stopped!

The organizations Sharkproject and Sea Shepherd have waged a campaign against the shark finning.

You can support Sharkproject and Sea Shepherd with  donations, so take initiative!   

Coming next...

Next trip planned to southern France

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    Lutz Schuller (Wednesday, 16 September 2015 13:01)

    Moin Christian,
    herzlichen Glückwunsch zur eigenen HP - sieht gut aus. Freue mich natürlich, dass auch ich verewigt bin. Macrobereich sollten wir in Cabilao ausbauen ;-)